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featuring Angela,

The home care nerd

My name is Angela Suffi, and I am a Nerd,

A Nerd who LOVES Home Care.

I've also been referred to as thoughtful, insightful, and authentic.

Nobody gets rave reviews all the time.

If you'd like to see others, check out my Linkedin!

I'm so glad you discovered me, This NERD can help you!

If you looked up the definition of (Home Care) Nerd .

You'd find my picture!




a single-minded expert in a particular field.

home care nerd

the making of a

Why am I such a NERD?!

I grew up spending time with elderly people. It was my favorite thing to do. Later in life, I was a family caregiver for an elderly family member(s) and for a adolescent disabled son. After a 20 year stint at UPS I decided to leave and devote my energy to helping people. I bought a home care franchise and it changed my life.

It has been the most incredibly difficult and rewarding role I've ever played.

Lets Talk About ...

previous roles


UPS Manager - 20 Year Run

Home Care Franchisee - 3 Year Run

Franchise Executive - 5+ Year Run

Home Care Consultant* - 15 Year Run

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i'd like to tell you an industry secret ...

A Franchise Has to Put Themselves First.

I Will Always Look Out For You!

Over the years I have learned how to spot the

repeat episodes of failure in home care agencies

that are common industry challenges.

These scenes keep playing like bad re-runs.

They are like the white noise of Home Care?!

Have you seen episodes like this in your agency?

Lousy Inquiry Management

Amateur Sales Performers

Slopppy Office Staff

24/7 Crisis Management

If You Could Flip the Script ...

What Would You Wish For?

Strong Leaders Directing

Inspiring Key Players

Expertly Curated Care Teams

Perfectly Choreographed Shifts

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Caregivers begging for roles

Die Hard Client Fans

Prospects that won't say No

Referrers Seeking Your Talent

If you want to MAKE IT BIG ...

You've got to Orchestrate Change !

The first step is to outline how you want your story to end - as a home care agency owner - and then fill in the beginning, and middle plans and goals. You can do this with my goal setting exercise!

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The home care nerd

The aim of the guide is to share typical Home Care Agency broken pieces, and introduce you to tools, solutions, and resources that will help you orchestrate change within your organization.

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